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We Are a woodwork manufacturing company that specializes in building your ideas and exceeding your expectations.

Henrry Custom Woodwork designs, builds, and finishes all types of custom cabinetry for any room and purpose. Whether is creating a beautiful new piece that blends with your current architecture style or adding a note of contrast to a space, we use computer aided design (CAD) software to show you a realistic rendering before we begin.

One of the most outstanding pieces of functioning as a completely custom shop is continually being tested to grow our stylish viewpoints and carpentry procedures. Not in the least does this keep our work in the shop new and connecting with, however it likewise permits us to utilize our wide scope of abilities to make pieces that are uncompromisingly planned and created for every novel individual and space.

The one crucial steady in our work is quality. We utilize the greatest reasonable materials, and carefully handcraft each part of a fanatically exclusive expectation. Our joinery is all specially crafted and fabricated utilizing both customary hand apparatuses and present day, accuracy machines to make masterpieces that go the distance both in style and capability.

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Kitchens cabinets has been the focal point of our success. Each one, Excellently handcrafted to perfection and design according to design and needs, only using the most premium materials.


Bathroom has become as important as a bedroom in a home because it’s a place to where you can take a break from reality and sit back and relax, and what better then.

Walk-in closets

Our custom closets design optimizes for Maximum space while creating a clog free zone, supported from panels from floor makes it for a very rigid design and look.

Living space

To create the perfect living space, we must first understand the costumer’s needs and evaluate each aspect to create a functional and relaxing space with our furniture, this is what we strive for.

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In the summer time of 2005. I would go work with my father as a carpenter. We would do all kinds of woodwork, from cabinet installation, moldings, doors, making built ins, walk in closets. This became my passion knowing from a piece of raw wood, you could make something that people would enjoy for their homes, and their rest of their lives.

Today the Henrry Custom Wood Work is one of the most important companies on the international furniture market. Brilliantly successful beginnings have led the Henrry Custom Wood Work to make continuous research for quality and style. New products reflect changes in lifestyles and contemporary trends.

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